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If you are listing a Seminar, Telecourse, Conference, Convention, Cruise, or Camp:

The fee for listing is only $25.00. For this small fee, your event is listed in the following four categories and can be accessed through *each* of the categories: Subject, Location, Speaker, and Date -- in other words, your event is listed FOUR times in Dog Seminars Directory.

There are three different ways to get a discount on your seminar listing:

***If you are a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 corporation and are hosting a seminar, you may list at no charge up to three seminars per year. Please email us if you host more than three, and we will find out best how to accommodate you.

***If you host or offer several seminars, you are entitled to receive a discount. Please email us so we can customize a program specifically for you.

***If you are a trainer and are offering a seminar on a one-time basis, then you may have a free Featured Trainers Listing in www.DogTrainersDirectory.com, which is a $25.00 value.

If you are listing an Online Course:

The fee for listing an online course is $100/year. A short course description is listed under any two subjects you choose, both at the top and the bottom of the individual pages in addition to our Online Course page, for a total of FIVE times on the Dog Seminars Directory site. There also is a link on each of those pages to your exclusive page in our Directory where your course is listed in more detail, AND there is an additional link to your site for further information.

INSTRUCTIONS for listing a Seminar, Telecourse, Conference, Convention, Cruise, Camp, or Online Course

We previously had a form for listing but were getting 50 bogus spam listings per day. We are not happy with the cut-and-paste, but it is a temporary measure until we get this problem sorted out. We are redesigning the site and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes you and thank you again for listing with us.

Step 1.

Please cut and paste the information below and fill in the information for your event (using upper and lower case where appropriate) and email it to caryl@DogSeminarsDirectory.com.

If you would like to list in more than one category, there is an additional $5.00 charge per category.

If your event does not fit in one of our categories, let us know and we will make a new category and page if we deem it appropriate.






First Name:

Last Name:





Choose the category your event is to be listed under:

Animal-Assisted Therapy
Behavior, Training, Obedience
Breeds, Conformation, Handling
Business & Marketing
Children & Dogs
Daycare & Kennels
Detector Dogs
Disk Dogs
Dock Dogs
Equipment & Products
Grief Counseling
Instruction, Ethics, Client Relations
Lure Coursing & Racing
Medicine, First Aid, Health
Nutrition, Exercise, Fitness
Pet Sitting
Protection, Ring Sport, Schutzhund
Rights & Welfare
Search & Rescue
Service/Assistance Dogs
Shelter & Rescue
Skijoring & Mushing
Travel & Transportation
Weight Pulling

Cut and paste these headings and fill in your information after each one:

Your Email
Title of Event
(City, State for physical event or Designate it as an Online Course)
Fee Amount (Discount? Early Registration?)
CEUs & which organizations
Host Organization
Contact Person
Contact Email
Contact Phone
Description of Event

FOR NONPROFITS ONLY, please fill in your Federal Tax ID number below and authorizing signature.

Nonprofit In-Kind Donation.
We thank Dog Seminars Directory and Internet Dog Products for the $25.00 listing of the seminar listed above. This is your tax deductible certificate receipt.
Our Federal Tax ID # is
Authorizing Signature

Step 2

Send your check made payable to Internet Dog Products to

Internet Dog Products
12021 Wilshire Boulevard
No. 298
Los Angeles, Ca 90025

That's all there is to it!!! Your listing will appear as soon as we receive it, and we trust that you will send us payment immediately.

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