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  Title Marc Bekoff - Expanding our Compassion Footprint
  Speaker Dr. Marc Bekoff
  Date(s) Thursday, August 2, 2012
  Location Milwaukee, WI
  Fee preferred seating - $35
general seating - $25
  Host Organization Wisconsin Humane Society
  Contact Person Nora Hart
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 414-431-6156

  Description of Seminar/Conference

The latest and greatest scientific research clearly shows that animals are smart, emotional, and moral beings. And there are many "surprises." Birds make and use more sophisticated tools than chimpanzees, mice and chickens display empathy, and ravens and other animals show they know what's right and wrong in various social situations. Animals care very much about what happens to them and to their friends and we must too. We need to be very careful when we intrude into their lives and redecorate nature. Rewilding our hearts and expanding our compassion footprint provide avenues for fostering more respect for nonhuman beings and for peaceful coexistence with our animal friends.

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