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  Title Two Great Seminars in Two Days:
Adolescent Dogs and
Dog Pro Business Workshop
  Speaker Trish King and Veronica Boutelle
  Date(s) January 23 and 24, 2010
  Location Marin Humane Society, Novato
  Fee $100 per day
$185 for two day
$10 early sign up discount
$10 shelter discount
  CEUs CPTD CEUs pending
  Host Organization Positively Trained
  Contact Person Suzie Yokomizo
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone (925) 284-7985

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Adolescent Dogs with Trish King

Many people acquire their dogs when they're adolescents...or they think they don't have to train them until they're older...or they think they remember how to train them themselves! This session is about those dogs -- the untrained, overly-excitable, bullying, suspicious, fearful, or shy adolescent and how to help owners teach them to be compliant, happy companions.

This seminar will concentrate on practical tips - improving management, developing a relationship, handling techniques and deciding which exercises might be most appropriate for those teenage dogs.

Dog Pro Business Workshop with Veronica Boutelle of dogTEC

*Make more money
*Help more dogs
*Get peace of mind.

You love working with dogs but worry about the rent. You can't imagine doing anything else but wonder whether you can really do this for a living. You're doing all right but would like to be living larger and saving money for the future. You're not alone. It really is possible to make an excellent living working with dogs.

Veronica Boutelle of dogTEC shares her years of experience helping good businesses across the country thrive. You don't have to be a natural business person to understand and use the simple advice and strategies Veronica has developed with her clients.

Learn effective, non-stressful approaches to marketing and sales, and how to identify and side-step the common business and sales mistakes that keep dog pros from succeeding. Veronica makes the subject of business accessible and fun.


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