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  Title Perception Modification 1,2,3,4 - Teaching your animal to cope with stressors and manage his emotions
  Speaker Kayce Cover
  Date(s) Aug 19-22, 2010
  Location Manlius NY (near Syracuse)
  Fee $500 for all 4 days (early registration discount) or $250 for 2-day session (early registration discount)
  Host Organization Cailleach Australian Shepherds
  Contact Person Susan Beals
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 607-423-3752

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Does your pet:

  • Chase cats?
  • Bark excessively?
  • Chase shadows?
    Chase his tail?
  • Want to fight with other dogs?
  • Lunge at squirrels?
  • Get tense with children?
  • Struggle with the vet? Hate water?
  • Refuse medication?
  • Avoid being touched?
  • Hate eye contact?
  • Lunge on the lead?
  • or get into trouble due to his emotional responses?

IF SO, this seminar is for you and your pet. You can learn skills to support a lifetime of better coping and behavior, in 2 fast days and improve your skills and expand on their application in 2 more.

Dogs are welcome on space available basis. All dogs must be handled by owners, safely, to qualify to attend.

This seminar applies to all kinds of animals, and other animals can
attend with approval. At this seminar, pets and owners will learn the art of
getting relaxed, getting the relaxation on cue, and maintaining that relaxation, regardless of challenge, distraction, temptation, stress and time. Together, we'll cover how to help your pet learn to manage his own emotions, cope with stressors, and make life-saving decisions. These new relaxation and coping skills are then applied, in the seminar, to help animals cope with situations they find difficult, like grooming, nail clipping, dog arousal, aggression,

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