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Dog Park Etiquette


Nikki Ivey


Online Course


Webinar-Available Recorded OnDemand



  Host Organization E-Training for Dogs, Inc.
  Contact Person Cheryl Aguiar, PhD
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 970-231-9965

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Many people, and their dogs, go to dog parks. However, how should you and your dog act and interact there? What is dog park etiquette and how do you “do it?” Find out in this informative webinar. The purpose of this course is to teach dog owners how to appropriately interact with dogs and humans at the dog park, as well as teach them how to help their dogs to display appropriate behavior and how to safely play at the dog park (or any place where dogs congregate off leash).
This course includes videos and reading material to help owners understand appropriate etiquette at the dog park. Detailed videos will display do’s and don’ts of the dog park that will teach students to be responsible patrons of any dog park.
Students will learn:

  • How to appropriately interact with dogs and humans at the dog park
  • Do’s and don’ts of the dog park
  • How to keep their dogs safe while playing at the dog park
  • How to recognize potential risks while at the dog park
  • How to be a responsible patron of your dog park for the safety of your dog and others


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