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  Title “What Color is Your Dog?” – Author: Joel Silverman
  Speaker Joel Silverman
  Date(s) Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 - 6:30-8:00pm
  Location Spokane, Washington

Early Bird $25.00 - before 12/31/12
$30.00 after 12/31/12

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  Contact Person Joel Silverman
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  Contact Phone (661) 713-8832

  Description of Seminar/Conference

Who Should Attend:
New and existing pet owners, professional dog trainers

These one hour and thirty minute evening seminars are scheduled in cities DOG & CAT TRAINING WITH JOEL SILVERMAN is airing in. These are short stopovers, with a seminar in that particular city in the evening, and an appearance in that local TV station the next morning.

This seminar is 90% Powerpoint, and will start off by going into my unique background. It will show me working as a marine mammal trainer training killer whales to working with dogs in the early 80’s. This seminar gets into some very basic concepts that I believe everyone working dogs should know and understand which involves building a loving bond with your dog prior to dog training. It also talks about the fact that there are so many personalities of dogs out there, and how to understand your specific dog’s personality. That is why this seminar is marketed to just about everyone.

The two main topics we will get into is:
• THE FIRST 30 DAYS – Building the trust

The First 30 Days
• Phase 1 – Getting to know your dog
• Phase 2 – Developing a relationship
• Phase 3 – Building the trust

Training Your Dog Based on Personality
• Blue Dogs – extremely afraid
• Green Dogs – timid and cautious
• Yellow Dogs – mellow
• Orange Dogs – high strung
• Red Dogs – very high strung

We will also get into some basic topics I think are incredibly important for all dog owners to understand:
• Body language
• Training tools
• Setting goals
• Testing and confusion
• Problem solving & messages we unintentionally send to our dogs

I will also be doing a demo with my dog Foster, who I am sure you have seen on my TV series, and who loves to work!

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