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  Title What Color is Your Dog?®
  Speaker Joel Silverman
  Date(s) December 10-122,, 2014
  Location Reno, Nevada

$495.00 Local students/
$895.00 Out of town students (3 nights hotel included)

  CEUs 24.75 IAABC, 21 CCPDT
  Host Organization Nevada Humane Society
  Contact Person Joel Silverman
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 661-713-8832

  Description of Seminar/Conference

What Color is Your Dog? ®
3-Day Dog Training Course

What Color is Your Dog? ® Is a three day personality based dog training course developed by Hollywood animal trainer and TV show host Joel Silverman.  Joel is limiting this first course to 12 students. The course is built around Joel’s first book “What Color is Your Dog?” The program is marketed towards:

  • Perspective dog trainers
  • Employees and volunteers at humane societies, animal shelters, and rescue groups looking to get a better understanding of basic, intermediate, and advanced dog training and problem solving. When dogs are trained, they are easier to place.
  • People just looking to get a better grasp of dog behavior.
  • Owners of pet sitting businesses that might want to include dog training in their packages in the future.

Silverman’s method focuses on two very important and simple concepts:

  • Building a positive relationship with your dog prior to dog training
  • Training your dog based on personality.

This three-day dog-training course includes:

  • Complimentary three night stay at a The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino (out of town students)
  • All Students - Complimentary three days continental breakfast & lunch (mid-morning & mid-afternoon coffee & drinks)
  • 75% of the training will be at The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino
  • PowerPoint presentations mixed with “hands on” practical training
    1. Each behavior will be gone through extensively with both PowerPoint as well as practical hands on training with dogs that are there.
    2. All of the students will get a chance to work with untrained dogs from the Nevada Humane Society
    3. All of the students will get a chance to work with Joel’s trained dogs so that they can learn what it’s like to work with a trained dog, the simplicity, and also understand how to give cues.
  • Understanding the What Color is Your Dog?® dog-training model, students will learn to work with all five colors of dogs. Joel teaches the way an owner walks, talks, moves, rewards, and corrects can vary greatly depending on the color of dog.
  • Problem solving – Understanding that the completion of the action is the reward, the students will be taught some of the most valuable information from Joel’s second book “Take 2, Training Solutions for Rescued Dogs.” Most importantly, they will learn that the completion of the bad behavior is a reward.
  • Speaker and trainer Lin Battaglia - One of the nation's top agility dog trainers will speak on "prey drive". It is essential that dog owners understand that dogs with high energy need to find a way to release it. Lin has appeared on Joel’s TV series a number of times. Students get a "hands on" lesson on redirection and working with agility dogs at Lin's beautiful facility in Spanish Springs 20 minutes from Reno.
  • Nevada Humane Society - Joel will take dogs out of kennels in real time, and will prioritize and teach how to assess which behaviors should be trained first. Students will get a practical lesson on working with dogs straight out of the kennel.
  • Basic behavior – Four of the most essential behaviors
  • Intermediate behavior – Four fundamental behaviors
  • Advanced behavior – Four fun and exciting behaviors that dogs love to learn! As a way to teach behavior chains, each student will get a chance to set up their own sequence with Joel’s dogs, and create a behavior chain and work the dog through it. This is something Joel constantly relies on the set when training animals for movies and commercials.

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