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  Title Chomp: Predatory Behavior in Wolves and Dogs
  Speaker Monty Sloan
  Date(s) January 8, 2014; 8-9:30PM EST (Midnight GMT)
  Location Online Live Webinar
  Fee 25.00
  CEUs 2.0 IAABC; 2.0 CCPDT; 2.0 NADOI
  Host Organization E-Training for Dogs, Inc.
  Contact Person Cheryl Aguiar
  Contact Email
  Contact Phone 970-231-9965

  Description of Seminar/Conference

In addressing how dogs are similar and how they are different from the wolf in terms of development, ecology, and behavior, one needs to look at the basic functions and development of predation in the wolf. The obligate progression of predatory behaviors seen in wolves exist to varying degrees, but have been modified, in some cases nearly to the point of non-existence, in dogs. With a focus on wolf predatory behaviour, emphasizing field studies in Yellowstone and Isle Royale, this program will address ontological development, effects of the environment and learning, as well as individual variations of behavior in the wolf. Comparisons will be drawn to dogs, and some of the differences seen in various dog breeds.

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